wordnet sql builder
Bernard Bou



- disregard warnings about overwriting the restore-[mysql|posgresql][bat|sh] files : these are actually the same in all packages.

- the modules are the following:

wn WordNet core this is the core module : it is required by others.
legacy legacy wordnet 2.0,2.1 senses and sensemaps to 3.0
vn VerbNet VerbNet
xwn XWordNet XWordNet
bnc British National Corpus BNC statistical data

- unless you modify the scripts you'll need to have MySQL root or PostgreSQL postgres access

- ignore messages about non-existing constraints (the scripts attempt to drop everything before restoring)



builder-[mysql|postgresql].[bat|sh] files are provided for ease of use


A list of action parameters is available when the above is run with no action parameter.


Please refer to example property files

user=wnsqlsql user
password=wnsqlsql user password
home=/opt/nlp/WordNet-3.0wordnet home
loghome=./logs/mysqllog home
verbose=falseverbose switch
senses=20 /opt/nlp/WordNet-2.0 21 /opt/nlp/WordNet-2.1legacy senses=[index home]*
sensemaps=21 30 21 * 2.1to3.0 /opt/nlp/WordNet-3.0/sensemap 20 21 20 21 2.0to2.1 /opt/nlp/WordNet-2.1/sensemaplegacy sensemaps=[fromindex toindex fromsenseindex tosenseindex pathsuffix sensemaphome]* (the '*' place-holder used as tosenseindex indicates use of 'senses' table
synsetmaps=20 30 /opt/nlp/wnmaps/mapping-20-30 /opt/nlp/wnmaps/mapping-30-20 21 30 /opt/nlp/wnmaps/mapping-21-30 /opt/nlp/wnmaps/mapping-30-21legacy synsetmap=[fromindex toindex forwardhome backwardhome]*
sensemapview=20 21 30fromindex viaindex toindex
xwnhome=/opt/nlp/XWordNet-2.0-1.1xwordnet home
xwnsensemap=2030 sensemap to use for xwordnet
vnhome=/opt/nlp/verbnet-2.3verbnet home
vnsense=21senses to use for verbnet
vnsynsetmap=2130synsetmap to use for verbnet
bnchome=/opt/nlp/bncbnc home
bncmain=bnc.txtgeneral statistics
bncspwr=bnc-spoken-written.txtspoken vs written file
bncconvtask=bnc-conv-task.txtconversational vs task-oriented
bncimaginf=bnc-imag-inf.txtimaginative vs informational


resume preceding the wordnet stage will do the trick.