term attribute types
sumoattrtype meaning
R subclass of Relation
F subclass of Function
P subclass of Predicate
A subclass of Attribute
r child of Relation
f child of Function
p child of Predicate
a child of Attribute
l logical operator
q quantifier
y function
m math function
~ comparison operator
c is subclass c in some (subclass c C) formula
C is superclass C in some (subclass c C) formula
i is instance i in some (instance i c) formula
s is subrelation s in some (subrelation s S) formula
S is superrelation S in some (subrelation s S) formula
@ is relation operator in formula
parse types
sumoparsetype meaning
a term appears as arg (the term is nested only within one pair of parentheses)
p term appears in rule antecedent (premise)
c term appears in rule consequent
s term is nested inside multiple levels of parentheses
wnmap types
sumownmaptype meaning complement
= WN synset is equivalent to SUMO concept :
+ WN synset is subsumed by SUMO concept [
@ WN synset is instance of SUMO concept ] (unused)